What We Do

In Fall 2013, the University of Illinois at Chicago opened the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR), underscoring the importance of undergraduate research as a high impact practice. The office provides a central place where students can find information about the Undergraduate Research Experience, as well as a clearinghouse for undergraduate research resources. The Office explores ways to increase participation in research on campus and present findings in a variety of venues, including the following:

The Undergraduate Research Experience (URE) is a university-wide program dedicated to fostering scholarly engagement and intellectual growth. The URE mission is to make research an integral part of the undergraduate academic experience at UIC by creating mutually beneficial research relationships between students and faculty researchers. The backbone of the URE is an interactive database that students can use to search for faculty with undergraduate research positions and where faculty can list opportunities and identify themselves as committed to supervising and mentoring undergraduate researchers.

The Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Award allows students who qualify for and have accepted Federal Work Study to work as research assistants for hourly pay at no cost to faculty or departments. Faculty apply online on behalf of the student(s) they recruit. Students are hired by the faculty member’s department just as any other Federal Work Study employee would be, and reimbursed through the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs at the end of the semester. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until FWS enrollment ends for the campus as a whole.

UIC Student Research Forum OUR is actively involved in the Student Research Forum, an event held each spring where UIC students from every discipline present their scholarly work.

University of Illinois Undergraduate Research Day “Posters Under the Dome– In collaboration with our colleagues from UIUC and UIS, OUR co-organized a University of Illinois Research Day at the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield. Students from all three University of Illinois campuses participated in the inaugural event on May 1, 2014 and return each year.

Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Journal – In collaboration with the UIC Honors College and Daley Library, OUR developed an inter-disciplinary open access research journal for undergraduate students. The journal provides undergraduates with an excellent publication opportunity. Students learn about research, editing, formal peer review, and publishing.

The Office of Undergraduate Research promotes undergraduate research and creative inquiry in the sciences, arts and humanities–for all students at UIC.

For more information please contact the Office of Undergraduate Research or call 312-355-3586.